Learning about our changing feelings!

During a wellbeing workshop last week, the Preps listened to another new song! It is called ‘The Feelings Song’ and its message is that we can feel lots of different feelings during the course of a day..and that is ok!

‘You feel happy, you feel sad! You get angry, you get mad! You go to bed and you wake up, it might just be ok. Its just the way that you’re feeling now. Wait a while it might just change somehow. It’s just the way that you’re feeling, the feeling may be fleeting. Here one one second then it’s gone, gone, gone!’



We had a discussion about how feelings come and go, and that problems during the day can change our feelings. We might begin happy, then something may happen which changes how we feel. If we are feeling a sad feeling, there are things that can be done to help with that feeling. Eg – seek support from a teacher, speaking to parents for advice, self managing their own feelings by looking for solutions to improve the negative feeling.

We created a table of positive feelings and negative feelings (feelings that make us feel good or bad). Some feelings we came across, we couldn’t decide whether they were positive or negative – it depends on your own mood at the time. EG- sleepy, silly (can be fun but can impact others in a negative way).