Week 2 Happenings

Workshops to support engagement in provocations
Projects and provocations
Happiness Presentations
Projects and Provocations
Specialist classes:
  • Blue Group: Visual Art and Italian
  • Green Group: Phys Ed and Visual Art
  • Red Group: Italian and Phys Ed.

Buddy time – The buddies will be supporting the bug research groups.  Each grade 5 student has researched a particular bug and will share their knowledge. They will also discuss different ways that information can be obtained when researching a topic.


Projects and provocations

Writing, Mathematics and Reading

Happiness Presentations

THURSDAY (Reader’s Notebooks come into school today)

African Drumming workshop

Music with Deborah

Wellbeing and Writing

Happiness Presentations


Specialist classes

  • Blue – Phys Ed
  • Red – Visual Art
  • Green – Italian

Library borrowing time, Mathematics and Writing

Assembly (3.00 – 3.25 in the Gymnasium)