Provocations this week

During provocation time this week, there has been a focus of creating something that they did on the holidays to share with the Neighbourhood. We encouraged the Preps explore this idea using of a variety of expressive languages.

Art Studio:

  • Painting – with water colour
  • Modelling – with clay
  • Collaging  – cutting and glueing paper to create a picture

Learning Commons

  • Holiday story boards – working on their illustrations to tell a story about an event from their holiday.
  • Using alphabet strips, picture dictionaries and teacher support to have a go at writing key words from their story.
  • Sharing their holiday story with a peer – retelling the story, using the pictures to assist with the sequence.

Maths/Performance space

  • A variety of blocks are available to build something from their holiday.
  • Count the number of blocks used in the construction.