Week 1 Happenings

Workshops to support the learning during provocation time.
Projects and provocations
Neighbourhood singing

Projects and provocations

Specialist classes

  • Blue Group: Visual Art and Italian
  • Green Group: Phys Ed and Visual Art
  • Red Group: Italian and Phys Ed.

Buddy time

  • Holiday sharing – Grade 5 buddies will share their holiday stories with the Preps. They are using the same storyboard format as the Preps have been using.


Projects and provocations

Writing, Mathematics and Reading workshops

Assembly practice

THURSDAY (Reader’s Notebooks handed in today)

African Drumming workshop

Music with Deborah

Wellbeing and Writing workshops

Assembly practice


Specialist classes

  • Blue – Phys Ed
  • Red – Visual Art
  • Green – Italian

Library borrowing time, Mathematics and Writing workshops

Assembly  (Prep Neighbourhood are sharing their learning) 3.00 – 3.25 in the Gymnasium