Learning Focus

The Preps worked together to write a recount of their first excursion.

Our trip to the museum

By Blue Group

On Thursday the 17th of March, the Prep Neighbourhood went on an excursion. We went to the Melbourne museum. It was fun going by bus. We were really excited. The first thing we went to was the dinosaur walk. We saw some big dinosaur bones. When you looked up, you could see pterodactyl skeletons ‘flying’. There were some robot dinosaurs that looked very real. We had a lunch break and got to play on the playground. Next we explored the bug exhibit. There was a giant bug movie, big stick insects and redneck spiders on the roof. Then we learnt more about bugs at the ‘Bugs Bugs’ show and we got to be scientists. Then we met Priscilla the stick insect. We found out that if a stick insect is threatened, it can camouflage like leaves or pretend to be a scorpion to scare away the predator. We also got to see how the Earth has changed over billions of years.

Our trip to the museum

By Red Group

We went to the museum on Thursday. We got there by bus. It was very fun. There were parent helpers with us; Laurel, Imogen, Jacqui, Tracey, Darren, Julie, Lizzie, Amar, Daniela, Denise, Kylie and Joanna. First, we had a look at the rainforest walk. There used to be a house there, but now all that is left is a chimney. We walked through a dark tunnel and saw fish, frogs and other bugs. We saw a waterfall and a creek. There was a picture of a fox and Fox had his photo taken in front of it. We ate lunch and had a play on the playground. We especially liked the big slide and the fireman pole. There was a big game of chasey. We looked at the bugs next and there was a scary video with gigantic bugs! They were really big. We saw the same stick insect as Henrys, except GIANT and on the roof!

Our trip to the museum

By Green Group

Last week, the Princes Hill Primary School Preps went on an excursion to the Melbourne museum. The first activity we did was ‘Bugs Bugs!’. A lady from the museum ran a class for us. We learnt about insects and non-insects, then played a dress up game where we had to pick the insect out of a group of non-insects with strange features. Jeannie wore bear ears and a tail. Hamilton wore koala ears, a dragon tail and butterfly wings on. Saskia wore a mermaid tail and a tiara. Lucas was the insect! He had 6 legs, 3 body segments and 2 antennae. He also had wings, so we identified him as a dragonfly. We got to meet a stick insect. Then we went on a lunch break and played on the equipment. Next we visited the rainforest. We sat in a circle, listening to the sounds of the forrest, and visitor came to say hi. A blue tongued lizard! We played hide and seek behind the big trees. We saw a big skeleton of a Blue Whale. We liked the museum!