Our excursion to the museum

On the 30th day of Prep, the Prep Neighbourhood went on their first excursion to the Melbourne museum. There was so much excitement in the air on Thursday morning!

Teachers and parent helpers worked with small groups of children, documenting the trip by taking photos and recording their ideas and findings. We encouraged the children to look for answers to their wonderings  and also find out some new information.

Prior to the excursion, many of the Preps did not know much about the classification of bugs. During the staff led presentation Bugs Bugs, the Preps learnt about how insects are different to other bugs. Insects have 3 body segments, 6 legs and 2 antennae. Unlike spiders, which have 2 body segments, known as cephalothorax and abdomen.

The children all had to opportunity to be scientists and worked together with their peers to sort a collection of bugs into ‘insect and non-insect’. They used magnifying glasses to examine the features of the bugs, using a scientific eye.

On Friday, they each reflected on their favourite part of the excursion and there was a clear favourite – the bus ride! They also really loved playing together in a different playground. Today, each home group participated in a shared writing experience; a recount of the excursion.

Many thanks to the parent helpers who joined us on the excursion! We really appreciated the support and having you there enhanced the children’s experience of the museum.

FullSizeRender 13
Saskia taking part in the ‘Bugs bugs bugs’ activity
Checking out the view, together with the wild animals
Can you guess what I am?
Meeting Priscilla the stick insect