“Let’s keep our mindful bodies on, with our eyes closed, and listen to the sounds around us”

Every Thursday the students get together to take part in a wellbeing workshop, this week we focused on mindful listening. Students were asked to sit quietly for 1 minute and listen to any sounds that went on around us.  The focus was to engage students in whole body mindfulness, which can help us notice what is happening in the present moment. It can also help us calm down when we are angry, sad, frustrated, or have any difficult emotion. Mindfulness can help us notice when we are happy or grateful too!

Here are some of the comments students had to share following their introductory mindfulness session!

What did you hear?

  • “Music” – Hugo B
  • “Cars passing by” – Lee & Allegra
  • “Wind” – Hamilton
  • “Stomping” – Elijah
  • “Police cars” – Matilda HG
  • “Trees shaking” – Cleo
  • “The whole world” – Marla
  • “Shouting” – Joshua
  • “Jacinta talking” – Rudi