Week 5 Learning Focus


  • Counting and skip counting
  • Reading, saying and recording numbers
  • Exploration of part-part-whole. (numbers can be made up of two or more parts)
  • Subitising; working out amounts according to patterns


  • Shared reading experiences with Big Books (In a dark, dark wood, The Jigaree and Smarty Pants). There is a focus on learning strategies that can support their reading. For example – using illustrations, rhyming words, making predictions and following the repetition.
  • Creating our own book using the pattern in ‘The Jigaree.’ Exploration into verbs (‘doing’ words)
  • Guided reading, buddy reading, independent and paired reading.
  • ‘Step Inside’ visible thinking routine – understanding the viewpoints and feelings of characters in stories


  • Modelled and independent writing – reflection after learning agreement ‘Today I ____’
  • Handwriting focus – own name and names of friends. Introduction to letter formation and starting points
  • Interactive writing modelled sentence – with focus on commonly used word list


  • Researching environments for bugs
  • How to be an active listener (to prepare for presentations