Reading workshop today

The Preps have been reading ‘The jigaree’.

I can see a jigaree.

It is jumping after me.

Jumping here. Jumping there.

Jigarees jump everywhere!

the jigaree

In today’s reading workshop we identified all the ‘doing words’ in the book. (Jumping, dancing, swimming, skating, climbing)

We then created our own story, using their own ideas. It is called:

The Prepee

I can see a Prepee!

He is running after me!

Running here! Running there!

Prepees run everywhere!

We will further develop the story of ‘The Prepee’. It is currently in its first draft stage, and we will come back to it and discuss what we can do next to turn it into a proper book for the neighbourhood.

The Preps enjoyed going outside and where they discovered even more ‘ing’ words. We also listened to some Peter Combe songs today and found lots of doing words!

Mr Clickety (washing, cleaning, fixing, brushing, frying and belly flopping!)

Newspaper Mama (reading, opening, throwing, moving, changing, smiling, dancing, sitting, pushing, stopping, copying)