Week 5 Happenings


Learning Agreement

  • Red begin in Learning Commons
  • Blue begin in Maths / Performance space
  • Green begin in Art Studio

Writing, Mathematics and Reading workshops

Buddy Reading time: One year 5 buddy reads with a small group of Preps; sharing a selection of their favourite story books.


Specialist classes

  • Blue Group: Visual Art and Italian
  • Green Group: Phys Ed and Visual Art
  • Red Group: Italian and Phys Ed.

Mathematics, Reading and Writing workshops

Buddy time

  • Reading experiences
  • Games and wellbeing
  • Art and construction projects


  • Individual Interviews

THURSDAY (Readers’ Notebooks come into school today)



Wellbeing, Mathematics and Reading workshops


Specialist classes

  • Blue – Phys Ed
  • Red – Visual Art
  • Green – Italian

Library borrowing time, Reading and Writing workshops

Assembly (PREP NEIGHBOURHOOD) 3.00 – 3.30 in the Gymnasium