Buddy Time

On Tuesday, the Prep Neighbourhood were organised into some new groups for Buddy time. The 3 groups are Stars, Moons and Planets. The Preps participated in an activity that will rotate each week. 

Reading response: Buddies help the preps select a book and then read through it with them. Afterwards, they work on a response for their Readers’ Notebook. 

Story time: Reading story books together.

Games: Buddies teach the Preps some games to play during lunch and recess. This encourages students’ to improve their social skills and build new friendships. 

Wellbeing: The buddies focus on core values such as friendliness, responsibility, respect, caring for others, supporting difference and including others. Preps’ are taught key social phrases such as “Can I join into your game”, “Hi! My name is _____, what’s yours?” 

Art project: The buddies and Preps create artwork together.

Construction: The buddies and Preps work collaboratively to build and construct with a variety of types of blocks.