Term 3 is all about CHANGE

As we live through a time of huge change. Recognising how one individual can make such big changes and have such a lasting impact has really made the learning meaningful; motivating us to learn more about ourselves as potential change-makers.  This week we kicked off remote learning 2.0.  While this does present some challenges, our whole 3/4 community has learnt from our past experiences and has been able to begin term 3 with some real enthusiasm. Change has been explored from a number of angles as we seek to make connections to the students’ everyday experiences and understandings. We have investigated cause and effect through the lens of science and history. 

Image taken from NASA’s ‘Images of Change’

Luke explored Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity. “It was all because of an apple falling from a tree. What goes up, must come down – it’s the third law of motion.”

Others have been looking at political figures and social injustices. 

Hugo H. researched Sir Douglas Nicholls. “He was a professional boxer, runner, and footballer. He was the South Australian Premier in 1988. Because he was black he wasn’t treated very nicely.”

Claudia explored speech writing and shared that she has created a script looking at the changes of human-made versus natural as well as the coronavirus. “I’m turning it into a news broadcast! Speeches are so powerful because you can say what’s bubbling up inside you like a volcano. If you say it in a dramatic way people can tell it’s important.

Looking back at the past can teach us so much about how to create change ourselves. We explored satellite images and were invited to think about the personal impact these images showed. 

Kiki’s learning about the changes made by Rio Tinto 

Marly reflected that “these disasters are probably a consequence of Global warming or human action! (Maybe) These images also make it clear that stuff was not like this before! We need to try to make it better!”