Curiosity ? 

Curiosity ? 

As we have begun to settle into our remote learning environment and become more confident with the technology, a unique opportunity has presented itself within the prep digital neighbourhood space. An opportunity to unleash and explore curiosity. 

As we teachers began to see glimpses of children’s individual passions, interests and things that peaked their curiosity we too began to wonder and ask questions. We began to wonder about curiosity and its role in the children’s learning. We have many questions. 


What role does curiosity play in learning?

What does curiosity in young children look like?

How can we foster curiosity to engage children in deep learning in our remote learning setting? 

What is children’s understanding of curiosity?

We have begun a Curiosity Project with the children. We are looking at ways of harnessing the things that make them curious and encouraging independent projects. At the same time, we are also curious about curiosity itself and are hoping to explore this concept as a neighbourhood.