Learning and Communicating Remotely

Learning to Work Remotely 

Today we revised some of our digital technology capabilities.  We checked in to ensure we have access and technology that can facilitate learning both at school and remotely.

The following questions have been asked of students:

Internet & Google Drive…

  • What is your wifi/internet access like at home? 
  • Can you access your PHPS email? Is it clear and organised? 
  • Do you need to delete emails or notifications that are of no value to you? 
  • Do you need to change some of your settings to refine your notifications/emails? 
  • Can you record a video and upload it to  Google Classroom? 
  • Does your video and microphone work?
  • Can you take a photo and upload this to the Drive as a JPEG?
  • Can you attach a document and ‘TURN IT IN’ on Google Classroom?
  • Can you access the Google Calendar? 

Teachers have emailed all students and are expecting everyone to return their email. Please ensure you spell teachers’ names correctly in their email, otherwise, they will not receive your communication.

Please make sure you are reading the titles correctly before deleting…this also means you will need to carefully title your own emails, so others do not delete your email by mistake.

Also, please make an effort to answer emails as expected. If there are questions or comments, respond to these. It is expected that a first email has some type of greeting etc. We need to remember we are communicating with people…we would never pick up the telephone and simply say one word-that would be super confusing and just weird!


  • Have you logged on to Prodigy? 
  • Have you completed the first ‘battle’?

See Saw…

  • Can I log in to See Saw?

You can sign in with your school Google account.

  • Year 5s, can you add a note or something to your homeroom teacher, as a test


Any issues, ask 2 before you…

Digital support may include some of our digital experts in the neighbourhood and then one of the teachers. If you are at home, you may need to ask siblings or parents first.

It would be helpful for families to review and test these capabilities together to ensure they can troubleshoot at home and help each other as needed. If there are any issues, please contact our team.