Week 3 in the Year 1 Neighbourhood

The children have continued to explore our inquiry of Welcome, linking in with our school values and our rights and responsibilities. The shop provocation has developed, with students working on their ideas for our Welcome Shop. They have been writing welcome stories and creating welcome bookmarks; designing welcome cards and welcome badges; and constructing a range of “shops” using wooden blocks to build their ideas.


Art Project with Hannah

We were very lucky to have Hannah, (Art Teacher), visit the neighbourhood this week to support our inquiry. Hannah will be working with us to develop a project around the concept of welcome. To begin, Hannah read the story What do you do with an Idea? By Kobi Yamada & Mae  Besom

Then she asked the children: What ideas have you had that were special to you? And I want you to think of the word ‘Welcome’. 

I think welcome means you don’t always have to say welcome, you can say ‘come in and play with us and we will protect you’. Mira

‘Welcome is a part of everyone.’  Maggie

‘Welcome is a kindness for every people.  And you work on the kindness so people are kind to you.’ Zotia

‘I think welcome is a part of friendship.’ Archer

‘Welcome is about me and everyone else.  It’s a part of nature.’ Aisha

‘Welcome is when someone doesn’t have someone to play with and you play with them.’ Eve

‘Welcome is not one thing but it is a lot of things.’ Ada

‘Welcome is not in one thing, we can use we can use it everywhere and in every land.’ Kiko

What feelings do to you have when you feel welcome? Hannah



Warm inside

What about warm on the outside?



When I’m welcome I feel like it’s something new in my body.




Being kind to other people



Next time: ‘Let see how we can show our inside feelings on the outside to say welcome.’ Hannah

We look forward to working with Hannah to develop this project!


Money, Money, Money!

The children have been exploring Australian coins in maths workshops to connect to the  Shop Provocation they have been so engaged in, to deepen their counting and skip counting ability, practice addition strategies and develop knowledge about Australian coins.