Developing our observational and documentation skills

Observation is essential in science.  Scientists use observation to collect and record data, which enables them to construct and then test hypotheses and theories.  The children have been observing various seed and plants. We asked the children to tell us:-

Why is it important to observe things closely?

It is interesting to look into something closely that someone doesn’t see very often. Zoe

If you observe things it helps you to know things.  Eidth

It is important to look closely and then we can notice things.

It helps us learn more about nature.  Evie Mc

Why is it important to learn more about nature?

If no one observed anything then no one would know what anything was.  We are lucky we observed things because we know what things are.  Isaiah

Observing things help us to find out more things about the planet. Tucker

Observing nature help us with danger, how to live and survive.