Week 9 and 10 Learning Focus

Welcome to week 9! This week our year fours are setting off on camp from Wednesday so our learning focus is for the next two weeks.

While the year 4’s are away, our year 3’s will be taking part in a few special workshops and a slightly altered program.

Project Groups: Projects groups are now working towards presenting and identifying their focuses. Each group has been interviewing, collecting data and researching the issues around the school that matter most to the staff and students at PHPS.

Number Study: We are exploring number! Students are challenged to pick a number and explore it in as many ways as possible. We are looking to expand, draw, make, divide, and create word problems for our numbers.

Opera Workshop: On Tuesday morning we are all taking part in an Opera workshop, the second session in our cultural incursions into Opera!

Spelling: This term we have learnt many strategies to help our spelling. The focus is now on looking back and reflecting on these many strategies.

Maths Investigation: We are continuing our Fay’s 9s puzzles, with a focus on adding and renaming 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Student Led Conferences: We are now finishing and polishing our presentations, practicing the timing and getting ready to present to our families.

First Footprints Artworks: Students are now finishing their artworks and writing artist blurbs ready to display them.