Story-Writing Project Group Incursion!

Today, the story-writing project group experienced a wonderful incursion – 100 story building!

The company, based in Footscray, came to PHPS and provided the project group with some fantastic ideas about creativity, character development, setting exploring as well as providing strategies of where to gather ideas from!

The fantastic Laura came to our neighbourhood with a large poster and an old suitcase full of random lost and found items. The students firstly observed the wonderful poster which had 100 – yes that’s 100 – story’s or levels of random rooms/characters/settings – but some levels had a question mark, leaving the story or level available for the kids to decide for themselves what was actually in there! The kids had a blast! From here, each student were required to choose one random item from the lost and found suitcase, illustrate and write about it’s relevance to their story/level.

Next, the students were instructed to create a panoramic view of their chosen story/level and how it incorporated their chosen item, characters and the many settings involved. To finish, students were to describe the five senses they identify within their panorama picture – smell, hear, taste, see and feel.

As there were not enough time for the very last request, tomorrow the students will finish their panoramas but also add a set of random rules and values. These rules can be the most bizarre and crazy rules, but it all has to link in with their ideas, characters and settings.

Later in the week, a few selected students will report what they learned within the incursion back to the rest of the Year 1 group. They will also teach and explain the ideas they learnt from the great incursion and how they can be used in their own stories.