Welcome Picnic

Welcome Picnic
All school families are invited to the annual family Welcome Picnic, next Friday 15th March on the big oval at school.
It will run from 6:00-8:00pm. Bring your own dinner and drinks.
The picnic is run by parent volunteers (not by the school), so to make it run smoothly, please remember:
1.         Children can only attend with a supervising adult
Please remind children about safety and expected behaviour. This means active supervision is expected from parents, and that kids stay near the oval. The rest of the school is out of bounds. PLEASE no climbing on the roof/fence/etc.
2.         Clean up before you leave
Please put your picnic rubbish in the waste and recycling bins at the oval, or take it home to dispose of.
Thanks everyone, and fingers crossed for a balmy evening on the 15th.
Emily Booth
Event Coordinator on behalf of Community Relations