Google Classroom


Last week the students were reacquainted with Google Classroom. Google Classroom is part of G-Suite for education – which also includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.  It provides an online platform for teachers to share resources, set tasks, give feedback and also collaborate in real time with students. By using google classroom, students are given the opportunity to participate in the organisation of their learning. Students are able to access google classroom at school and home, which allows for students to work at their own pace or complete extra tasks if desired.

Below is a screen shot of the tasks that are currently up on google classroom.  Students were asked to upload their work relating to our ‘One Minute’ provocation – If you have the worlds attention for one minute, what would you like to communicate? Students were also asked to complete a reflection of their presentation.

Students also began to fill in a reading log.  They are encouraged to read for at least 20 MINUTES each night and fill in their log to keep track.  Teachers will check in on the logs on a regular basis, providing feedback through the comment section.


Over the coming weeks, parents will be invited to access Google Classroom information.  Look out for an email that provides details on how you can do this.

We are encouraging all students who are apart of the one to one device program at the school, to remember to bring their FULLY CHARGED LAPTOP to school every day. We understand that some students do not have their own laptop and will be given opportunities to access one of the shared devices in the neighbourhood.  If paper copies are required, students will also have access to those.

Any questions, feel free to come and see us in the neighbourhood!