Week 10 Learning Focus

Week 10! And what a busy week we have ahead! Here is what is happening in 3/4 this week,

Carnival – Statistics and Probability 

There is an element of risk and chance in everyday situations and elements of risk and chance can be communicated mathematically. Students this week have the opportunity to develop games that toe the line between chance and skill, what are the elements that support the game player to win?

Life Changing Moments and Identity Through Art 

This week, students are completing their Identity artworks, podcasts and artists statements in preparation for the 3/4 Identity art expo that is on this week. The expo showcases work that answers the question – How can I community my identity? 

Procedural Writing 

Students have been introduced to procedural texts and will be creating their own ‘how to’ video or text teaching someone else something they are expert in. Students will be looking at the structure of the text and the way language is used to provide clear and precise directions.

Geography – Our Place in the World and How Culture Shapes Identity As students have gained an understanding of Australian landscapes, symbols and values we are now showing our learning through the development of our own countries. Students are working together to create a land and then presenting the values, culture and demographics of the land through maps, graphs, symbols and anthems.


Notes & Notices

  • The 3/4 Identity Art Expo takes place this week and will be open for parents and friends on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please see the invites from your student for the exact times. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
  • The 3/4’s are sharing their learning this Friday during assembly. This was planned for last week but had to be moved due to the extream weather. Our focus is on the ‘One Community’ projects that have been taking place this term.
  • The first of two whole school transition sessions will happen this Friday, students will have the opportunity to visit their neighbourhood for 2019 in preparation for next year.
  • And finally, just a friendly reminder that the last day of school is next Friday, December 21st at 2pm, please let your students’ homeroom teacher know if you are departing early so they have time to prepare work, books and lockers before you leave.