Week 4- Learning Focus

“How do groups inform or influence our identity?” Through our provocations and workshops this week we will begin to delve into the ‘identity’ part of this question by asking “What is my identity made up of?”

Time of our lives

The students will be starting a new Mathematics inquiry this week, which will have a strong focus on time. The inquiry will be supported through provocations, targets and workshops as well as a spelling investigation. We begin this week by looking at seasons, schedules and reasons why time is an important concept in everyone’s lives. Does time affect our identity?

Character Development

In previous weeks, we have been thinking about our characters’ traits and how they will develop and change throughout a story. We are now looking at how we, as authors, and authors we know show and express this development and change. We are starting this journey this week by looking at narrative structure through workshops and provocations.

Project Groups

Over the last week timelines have helped us think about ‘how have groups developed and changed over time?’ This week in project groups we will build on this by looking at how these changes affect identity.