Reflecting on our Learning

We’re a number of weeks into our Timeline research projects and have started to think about the benefit that different inventions have had on our lives. This afternoon, students reflected on the inventions that have had a significant impact on their lives.

Below are a few examples of what students came up with during our group discussion. Students then paired up with their buddy for this week to share their ideas, and then drew a detailed drawing to represent this significant invention.

Xbox – Luke – I like to play Star Wars Battlefront! It helps keep me entertained at home.

Xbox – Elliot – I like to play Fortnite on the Xbox. I can play it by myself.

Shoes – Hugo P. – If shoes weren’t invented, I probably would hurt myself. They keep my feet warm and dry.

Traffic Lights – Fox – I can cross the road safely.

The Pen – Matilda HG – Without a pen, I couldn’t write and draw!

Clothes – Cleo – Without clothes, I would be cold in winter!

Computer – Henry – I use the computer to play Minecraft!

Playstation – Levi – I like to play games on my PS4.

Phone – Jake – I use the phone to call people, text, and play games.

Football – Rafferty – I get to use it to play football everyday. It’s fun and enjoyable.

Track Cycling – Rudi – If track cycling wasn’t invented, then I wouldn’t have been able to compete in my favourite sport.

The Guitar – Maia R. – I like music and I like to play the guitar. It makes me feel happy.

IPad – Gertie – It gives me something to do, for example, playing Roblox.

The Snorkel – Xena – I can’t breath underwater and snorkeling makes me happy because I get to see marine life.

Blankets – Marly – It keeps me warm at night.