Learning Focus | Week 2

This week we step into the next stage of inquiry: “How do groups influence identity?”

We have explored the different types of groups that we are part of and shared some of the features of these groups through information reports. Now we want to go deeper into understanding how a group functions and how groups have different characteristics.


Language and communication

In the performance space we are exploring how different groups communicate. Weare using role play and performance to act out different groups to identify the different gestures, body language, words, tone and facial expressions they use with other people in their group. We will also watch different groups such as orchestras, sporting teams and dance groups to analyse how they interact.


Meeting Places

Where do groups meet and what are the characteristics of these places? Through constructing different meeting places we know (school meeting places, stadiums, halls, gyms, sports ovals etc) we will look at what these spaces have in common and what makes them unique as well as the different features of these spaces.


As we commemorate ANZAC day on Wednesday we are exploring different ANZAC day texts in workshops this week. We will consider author choices and make inferences as we read picture story books, poetry and information texts about ANZAC day.

Children will have opportunities to use ANZAC day as inspiration for writing this week such as diary writing, information reports or persuasive writing about commemorating ANZAC day. On Friday the year 3/4s will lead the ANZAC day service at assembly.