The Reader’s Notebook

A reminder to all parents/carers that the Reader’s Notebooks are to be handed to the Homegroup teachers every Thursday morning. It is an expectation that all students are expected to read or to be read to each night at home.

All children were given a Reader’s Notebook and a Reading Log at the start of the year. This is designed to allow you and your child’s teachers to track regular reading at home. It also allows for comments from parents about their child’s reading and allows children to provide insights and reflections. They could:

  • Draw a picture of something that happened in the book.
  • Copy the title or write something they liked about the book.
  • Respond to the book in some way, for example, a book about cooking might inspire them to make a cake.


Children learn to read by reading and by being read to.

  • Read with and to your child often
  • Read a wide range of material
  • Enjoy reading together.
  • Offer lots of encouragement.
  • Be patient and positive.
  • Let them choose what they read

If you have any questions please speak to your child’s Homegroup teacher.