Learning Focus | Week 7

This week we have a special visitor- David Morris, Aerial Skier, who has just returned from the Winter Olympics. We watched some of David’s responses to his performance during the Winter Olympics and were impressed with his personal values. We will have an opportunity to ask him questions about his trip and learn more about him on Wednesday.

In our Inquiry, this week we will be creating an artefact to share, which represents a group we are part of. We are asking our selves: What groups am I part of? What are the features of these groups? What do I do in these groups? Why do I want to be part of this group? At home it would be great to talk about different groups you or your family are part of, and use the questions to discuss the different groups.


Some of our learning this week includes:

My group in numbers

Children are exploring how we can describe our groups using numbers. We are looking at infographics and the types of ways we can share data. We will also explore place value and how to read, write and order numbers using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. At home it would be great to talk about the census and the types of questions you are asked. Or watch this BTN clip about the census with your family!

Information Writing

So we can share information about groups we are part of, we are writing information texts to describe their features. We have looked at the different features of an information text and this week will use graphic organisers to plan our texts into paragraphs. At home this is a great opportunity to read information texts and find some of the features such as contents pages, captions, diagrams, etc.

Writing using imagery

As we are preparing for Geoff’s Retirement Assembly, we are writing our memories of Geoff. Last week, we watched and enacted a PE game so we could consider our 5 senses. We listened, felt, saw and touched and then used these experiences to write words and describe them. This week we will continue to use adjectives and adverbs to write our memories and will share these with Geoff at his special assembly on the 23rd March.

Volume and 3D printers

We have a new 3D printer in our neighbourhood. We are very excited to try it out so we are exploring the Maker’s Empire software to learn how to make 3D shapes on a computer. We are using cubes to create shapes and draw these in our books to show the different elevations (front view, side view and bird’s eye view). After we calculate the volume we are recreating the shapes using Maker’s Empire. At home children can log into Maker’s Empire and create different 3D shapes or complete the challenges.