Week 2 Learning Focus

Hi Everyone,

This term, we are learning about change in order for the children to gain a deeper understanding about themselves and the world they live in. As part of our investigation into change, the children have been exploring 3 areas: how plants grow; what is healthy food? what is time and how do we measure it?

Plants: Learning about plants provides us with an opportunity to explore life-cycles. It also ties in with our focus on healthy eating. We began by asking the children: What Do Plants Need to Grow? The children expressed that plants need water, sun and soil to help them grow. The next step in their learning explored the different parts of a plant in order to deepen their understanding of how water helps a plant grow. Next, we will focus on the role that the sun plays in helping plants grow. We will set up a series of experiments to explore the role that sun and water play in helping plants grow.

What is healthy food?: Last term the children began investigating changes that have occurred in their life. The students discussed changes in their body and how they have grown.  To investigate this deeper we’ve started to look at healthy food and how it helps us grow. To understand how this happens we are investigating the question “What is healthy food?”.

Time: What is time? and How do we measure it? As part of our investigation into change, the children have been exploring what time is and how we track and measure it. We began by asking the children: What is time? to gain an insight into their thinking. We’re exploring objects that are used to measure and record time such as sundials, sand timers and digital and analogue clocks, and discussing how time is measured and how time is related to change.