Learning Focus | Week 9

This week we make a shift in our inquiry about how power manifests in many different ways and how these have positive and negative impacts and explore how people in positions of power make decisions.

We will start by investigating the decisions we make when we have the power of a town planner. When we were in Canberra we learnt about how Walter and Marion Burley Griffin made decisions in their plan for Canberra. Using this as inspiration we are drawing plans for our own city.

We are also busy working on our film making projects where we are making a feature film exploring power through relationships, belonging, transformation and identity. We are in a pre-production stage at the moment where we consider ideas for our films. This week we will also talk to Lisa, our grade 1 teacher who will share her past experience of the film industry. We will also start exploring how to write a script by looking at a variety of scripts and investigating how adverbs are used to explain what is happening.

We are also making our own documentaries. We have formed our groups and deciding on a focus of the documentary, using what we have learnt over the last few weeks about filming, B roll, audio and editing to create our own short documentaries with a specific point of view. This week we will explore how to form interview questions and start to film interviews for our documentaries.

Our Cinema Project is continuing to build as we explore how scale drawings are used. We have been taking measurements of our school buildings to make scale drawings and will use this when planning our own cinemas. We are writing budgets and schedules for the staffing of our cinemas and drawing plans for these.