Interviews with Tung at Carlton North Canteen

We decided to ask local business owners what kind of problems that they might face during their time at the cafe. We did a target with Sofie to write questions that wouldn’t be wasting the interviewees time and help us understand more, like “Where would you get your food supplies?” [Gracie] Then on Wednesday, after lunch we went to the North Carlton Canteen to talk with Tung. We asked him a bunch of questions about the cafe. He owns the business and works there nearly every day of the week. [Poppy K and Iaan] we noticed signs at the cafe like “Get a discount if you bring keep cups” so we asked a question about it and told Tung that it was good he did it. [Griffin] Some of the questions we asked Tung, he has to think about before answering. We thanked him for his time and then we took some photos of the signs and then came back to school. [Opal]. It was fun and you got to learn about the cafe. I wasn’t surprised by any of the answers, but it was interesting to find out more. [Zadie]

We will share with you our findings after we have a chance to compile the responses. A massive thanks to Tung for his patience and openness to our questioning. Pop in and say hi to him next time you’re in need of a caffeine hit.

It was great getting out of the school to take the inquiry deeper and hearing the students conduct the interview. We reflected on what answers surprised us and how to ask good follow up questions. Next week students from Neighbourhood Two will interview Raff, a local food truck owner.

This would be a great opportunity at home to watch and discuss interviews with your child, or to encourage them to interview friends or family members who own or run businesses.