Camp Reflection

AT Camp, my favorite activity was the vertical challenge. I loved it because you had to climb up a big tower and the thing that you had to climb was first a ladder then second was some poles that were wooden then after that was a gird then after the grid were some tires then finally it was a rock climbing wall. There was a bell and if you hit the bell first then you won.

Here is a photo of the vertical challenge:


Giant Swing

The next activity is the giant swing. I will tell you what you do on the giant Swing. First, you get all your safety gear on which is harnesses and then you get to put on something that you get pushed up then all the other people have a rope that you pull and that makes the person go up. When you’re up the people that are pulling the rope do the brace position and a count down and the person up in the giant swing pulls the cherry tomato after the people on the ground count three, two, one zero. The person up in the swing pulls the cherry tomato then you’re off and the people on the ground say pull it in which is pull the rope in to where it started.

Here is a picture of the giant swing:

by Hendrix