Cookbook Project!


This term we have been investigating various countries and our connection to them. We have begun to understand what makes something a country such as human and natural features including landmarks, geography, language, currency, clothing and food. Our big idea is ‘We make connections to places through family, stories, experiences and artefacts’.

Next term one of our main focuses will be developing a deeper knowledge of cultural understandings and practices. Students will be provided with opportunities to explore similarities and differences in cultural practices to begin to understand the concept of cultural diversity. Intercultural capability is strongly connected to those areas concerned with people and their societies, relationships and interactions.

Through the Country Project presentations, it became apparent that there was a collective interest food and how it plays an integral part in how we connect to countries and different cultures. In Term 3, the year 2 neighbourhood will embark on a whole group project – a cookbook! The cookbook will provide a platform for students to go deeper with their thinking and extend their understandings of how we connect to food. We are hoping to publish the cookbook in time for the annual Bazaar.

Students will be asked to share recipes that are meaningful and significant to their cultural background and family history. They will be asked to think about their connection to the recipe and the possible stories that accompany it.

Over the holidays we are encouraging students to talk to their family and brainstorm some recipes that could be included in our cookbook. We will be providing students with a template that can used to write down the recipe and the accompanying story. If you have a spare few hours during the holidays, you may even like to make the recipe and photograph or video the procedure!

We’re also putting a call out to parents who might be able to assist in the process. If you are a great cook, photographer, involved in publishing and design or simply willing to lend a hand – please come and see us in the neighbourhood!