Our Mathematics Journey

Please stop by in the 3/4 neighbourhoods and check out our new maths documentation walls. 3/4 Neighbourhood 1 wall is still under construction, however will be up by Wednesday 24th of May. These documentation walls reflect on our students mathematical journey from the first day of school this year to what we are currently investigating in maths this week.


We are currently exploring in our maths provocations:

Maths by myself: Working on our individual maths goals

Maths  by with someone: Design, create and play a maths game

Maths writing: Design, create and operate a function machine.

In our maths workshops experiences, we are focusing on our Sun, Earth and Moon orbits in our solar system. This is a new maths and science inquiry. Students began analysing and debating these following claims:

Claim 1: The Moon and the Sun both circle the Earth.

Claim 2: The Moon circles the Earth while the Sun circles them both

Claim 3: The Moon circles the Earth while the Earth circles the Sun

These claims were studied by Eratosthenes. Eratosthenes of Cyrene was a Greek mathematician, geographer, poet, astronomer, and music theorist. He was a man of learning, becoming the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria. Students initially made predictions as to who Eratosthenes was and how he connects with our new maths and science inquiry.

Next step in our mathematics journey: Designing and creating our own orreries!