Random Acts of Kindness

On Monday the 15th of May, 6 wonderful students from 3/4 went out on a mission! The mission was to spread joy, fun, happiness and of course kindness to the Princes Hill community. First stop: North Carlton Canteen. The students approached the cafe manager and politely informed them about our Random Acts of Kindness provocation  that we have been exploring at PHPS. The manager was thrilled! As a token to spread the word of kindness, the students proceeded to display paper crafts and cards with beautiful uplifting messages on them for customers to read and have their day brightened. One lady came into the cafe and ordered a coffee, sat down at a table and began to smile as she read a card and waited for her coffee. Students were thrilled with the response!



On Wednesday the 17th of May, another 3 very enthusiastic students from 3/4 went out on their mission to spread kindness into our local community. First stop: Art Stems on Lygon. Students approached a worker and presented them with beautiful paper folded flowers, notes and cards for costumers to take while on their shopping journey.

Second stop: Zeneli Flowers. Students approached the manager and informed them on their mission to spread the word of kindness. The manager was very delighted and gave students a bouquet of flowers to pay forward the random act of kindness. Students were so thrilled!

How can we keep going with these powerful random acts of kindness?

What are we going to do with these beautiful flowers?

As the students walked back to school with the bouquet, they thought about Julie : our wonderful office manager. Students instantly knew what to do. “Let’s give these flowers to Julie as a random act of kindness!”

Julie accepted the very thoughtful gesture of kindness and now has the bouquet displayed in the office gallery for everyone to enjoy!

We hope we have put a smile on your face as you are reading this wonderful community story.