The Creep Crawly song!

In preparation for the year one assembly (Term 2, Week 1) we have started learning The Creepy Crawly song!

This song fits in nicely with all the nature focused learning we have been doing!

here are the words to help your child learn!

Creepy Crawly Song – Claire Gilbert.

Verse 1

I like spiders, I like worms

They don’t sting and they don’t spread germs

Worms have no legs, spiders have eight,

I think spiders and worms are great


Creepy Crawlies hiding under rocks, and

Creepy crawlies living in a tree

Creepy Crawlies running in your garden

so many tiny creatures you can see

Verse 2

I like slugs and I like snails

They don’t have to brush their hair hair or cut their nails

A snail carries his house on his back

and a slug likes to eat till he’s big and fat


Verse 3

I like wood lice, I like ants

They don’t have to wear a vest or change their pants

Ants make their home in a great big hill

but the wood lice hide where it’s dark and still