Model making materials needed for maths please

In numeracy this week, students are beginning to draft their new perspective playground designs for Princes Park. We have contacted the Yarra City council for a representative to visit to the 34 neighborhoods and have students show case their designs. We are currently working through the following process:

Requirement 1: Identify the needs and wants of the local community for a new playground 

Requirement 2: Identify the facilities that will be included in the playground (Sheltered/ picnic areas, BBQ, age appropriate spaces, topographical features, e.g. steep slopes, trees, rocks)

Requirement 3: Begin creating a floor plan of playground (Considering: Area – multiplication facts, perimeter – addition facts, volume – multiplication facts, length measurement, floor plan scale etc)

Requirement 4: Playground Model

Model Examples:


We would like any donations of materials to help us out with the playground model making please.

(pieces of cardboard, paper towel rolls, plastic pipes, string, small pieces of wood, paddle pop sticks etc.)