Learning Focus | Week 7

Hopefully everyone is refreshed after a long weekend as we have an action packed week of learning.

In English, we will delve deeper into poetry, analysing the different devices poets use such as metaphors. Students will be writing their own descriptive poems about objects, trying to bring them to life through the use of words and poem structure, and making others laugh by choosing funny subjects for their poems. We will be listening to people reading poems and critiquing them to help us perform our own poems. As we try to build words we can use to make rhyming poems we will explore the meanings of different suffixes such as ette and tion.

In maths, we are working on a wide range of problems, each of which is related to one of the maths learning profile statements.  Students are being encouraged to consider different problem solving strategies. We are also exploring time. Students are working on converting between 12 hour and 24 hour time, and composing their own elapsed time problems. We will share some of the problems our students compose here on the blog.

This week will see the opening of the PHPS Cinema which will air documentaries about interesting people. We will be using this to learn about people as well as look at how we can use the structure of a visual biography when we are writing about a powerful person.  We are continuing to learn about different countries to better understand the differences in our cultures. It was great having a visitor from Kenya and Japan last week and we will continue learn from others about cultures around the world.

Our inquiry into the power of nature has piqued our interest and we are learning about different types of natural disasters and the disasters they can cause. We are using this information to prototype inventions to help keep people safe.