A few bits and pieces


Term 1 and 4 have a compulsory hat policy.  Students must have a hat on to play in the playground, if not they will be asked to sit in front of the neighbourhood under the shelter.


Nude Food

Princes Hill Primary are trying their hardest to be a sustainable school – which means cutting back on wrappers in our lunch boxes.  We ask that as much as possible, if the students could bring their lunches ‘nude’.  If wrappers are brought to school, the students are encouraged to take their wrappers home in their lunch boxes



We are slowly getting all of the stationery and book supplies delivered to the neighbourhood.  We will start to distribute the books on MONDAY


Take Home Books

From Monday students will receive their take home book folder and encouraged to borrow books from the library.  Then, every Thursday students will get the opportunity to change their books.  You will receive more information about that ASAP.


If you have any questions – please contact us (email addresses in the teacher info section) or come and see us in the neighbourhood!