Welcome to 2017!

Hello year one families!

Welcome to the start of 2017!

Just some considerations we will be discussing with the children to start with that you can discuss at home also:


‘Nude Food’ – Nude food is food that doesn’t have any clothes (wrappers) on! This initiative is to reduce waste and rubbish in the school as well as promote our healthy eating policy. Please ensure that your child’s lunch has an absolute minimum of potential litter and waste.

As a hygiene consideration; after eating, all lunch boxes need to be placed in the storage tubs provided. This keeps them off the ground.

Parent helpers

Parent helpers are always welcome and appreciated. Some tasks that we require support with are gluing covers onto books, reading with children, support in the library etc

Please come and see the neighbourhood teachers if you can be available to help out.

Rights and Responsibilities

Everything we do in our school can be referred back to our rights and responsibilities as community members.

‘Everyone has the right to feel safe’ and ‘Everyone has the right to learn’. Through this expectation we can all support the whole school core values.

Looking forward to a great year!