Day One

We’re off to a flying start. The grade 4s welcomed the new grade 3 and 4 students into the learning neighbourhoods.

The day got rolling with a few organisation and getting to know each other activities.

Lunch was great chance to catch up on holiday news and to show new students around the playground.

After lunch we explored the routine of The Daily Five. It provides structured learning opportunities for us to select from and work on independently or collaboratively.

At the same time we had some Literacy workshops, where we talked about expectations and articulated what the best workshop would look like, sound like, feel like.

In the afternoon we considered what would be a measure of us achieving our best in 2017 and made a visual representation, we thought that this would be the best place to start out inquiry.

The inquiry focus is ‘Us at our best’. We will be unpacking it in the next few weeks and finding some leads to explore. We’re very excited about the possibilities and the value of the learning to the individual, community, state, country, globe, and beyond. If you have a connection to a passion or occupation that you think might support the learning get in contact with us.

Here are a few quotes from the day.

The best thing about the first day was playing again with friends. – Anja

Today was awesome, the best thing was drawing and the provocations. – Mila A

The best thing about today was all of it! – Jacob

The best part about today was getting into year three. – Malik

This would be a great opportunity to talk about achievements in the extended family and when situations have brought out the best in yourselves.