A few bits and pieces!

The year is almost coming to an end, all that is left is to tie up a few loose ends! See below for some need-to-know information.


Neighbourhood Picnic


Friday we are having our neighbourhood picnic.  We will start the picnic at approximately 10:30am, just outside the year 1 neighbourhood.  We ask that students bring something to share with their neighbourhood- mates. If you are able to come set up and serve, your help would be greatly appreciated!



Library Books



All library books need to be returned ASAP.



Plastic/Calico Bag for books

_3The students will be bringing all of their books home on Friday.  If you could please supply a plastic or calico bag to carry the hefty load, that would be fantastic.




Cooking on Monday


To finish off our year, Gabi (Ruben’s Mum) is coming in to do some cooking with the kids.  We will be making a variety of things in the gym kitchen.  If you can spare some time between 9-11 or 12-1:30 – please come and see Jen and let her know.