Learning Focus – Week Nine

We are excited to be heading off to Como House this week. We will be using this trip to investigate how life from the past can impact decisions we make about the future. Children will participate in a number of activities from the past as well as doing some role play of life in the past. We will use the trip to Como House to observe new and old buildings in our city.

This week’s provocations include:

Books about life in the past

Using photos and video from our trip to Como House, we will create artefacts about the past. Using book creator we will add text to the images we take on our visit to Como House to teach others about life in the past. Children will learn how to use paragraphs to group similar information when writing.

Dream cars

Mabel’s mum was very kind and let us know about a competition at Toyota where we can win a trip to Japan! We will be making a design for our dream car of the future. We need to draft our idea and then complete a paragraph of information describing the car.

News of the future

As we are thinking about what life will be like in the future we are also thinking about what will be some of the things we celebrate and what the issues might be. We are going to write newspaper articles and news segments to share our ideas of what the future will be. Children will learn about the genre of report writing and using descriptive words to describe what is happening.

Games of the future

Continuing with considering what life may be like in the future, we have discovered a juxtaposition between projected technology for housing and daily life and gaming. Using inspiration from Virtual Reality systems, Augmented Reality systems, holographic technologies and alternative control devices the children’s ideas are crossing over from game systems to daily life use of technology through house designs.

Interesting ideas like these


This week continues with the focus on place value. We are busy making our own Million Dot books and some children will be fact checking the statistics in the book.  We are using place value in games and continue to make record breaking numbers. Children will continue to apply their learning about numbers beyond the thousands and using the second place value pattern to help us say larger numbers.


We will continue to read more of the wonderful book, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and learning about different ways we can respond to books we have read. After the excursion we will learn more about recounts to write about our experience and take this opportunity to look at sentence structure and word choice. We are looking forward to making our sentences sizzle!