Happenings: Week 5!

This week has been a fantastic week, albeit short due to the Melbourne Cup!

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on ..

In Literacy we have been finishing off our persuasive texts; the children have been composing letters regarding something they would like to change. They have had to form arguments and supporting statements! We have also started looking at different types of poetry, starting with acrostic poems! The easiest entry point of course being yours or a friends name! Poetry will feature in the literacy learning for the next two weeks as an avenue to develop writing and spelling strategies.

year 2 learning
Frankie’s acrostic poem
year 2 learning
Daisy’s acrostic poem.

In Numeracy after finishing off our Cookies Fractions project and due to the fast approaching Bazaar, we have focused on chance and probability by looking at carnival games and the ever loved spinning wheel raffle. The children have been recapping learning about money through organising profits from their (pretend) Bazaar stall, probability through rolling dice, tossing coins and spinning wheels and recording and analysing the data.


Through the Inquiry investigating systems and cause and effect influencing change, we have been researching what has changed over time, comparing ‘then’ and ‘now’ and considering how changes happen through the lenses of Housing and Local Area, Transport and Toys and Games. The children have been engaged in rich discussions and have been developing their thinking around how and why change happens, and perhaps how we can use this understanding to make decisions.