Exhibition Still Life

An Exploration into the World of Contemporary Art

Interpreting the traditional genre of still life in new ways with artist in residence, Soren Dahlgaard.

Parents, family and members of the wider PHPS community are invited to view some of the work created by students across the whole school in the administration building gallery area. There is a catalogue of completed photographs, final still life photographs, accompanying documentation and still life sculptural works now displayed in the administration office, Esme’s office and outside of Maree and Karly’s office.

In term 3 2016 Soren Dahlguard worked across the whole school in the Visual Art program, on an exploration into the genre of still life. This exhibition highlights aspects of the work and the process explored by the students.

The exploration into the genre of Still Life differed from traditional interpretations and explored new and very contemporary approaches to the genre. It involved using pre-existing vessels and props, adding to, and embellishing, existing objects as well as making new objects. A variety of materials were used. Instead of drawing or painting the arranged objects on paper or canvas, students poured paint over the objects themselves. After the paint was applied, a photograph was taken. The final photographic work became the completed visual art work.

Every student will receive a photograph of the completed collaborative work. It will come home in their visual art portfolio at the end of this term.

Hannah Rother-Gelder

Visual Art teacher

Environments leader