CERES Excursion

Today we had our excursion to CERES – The Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies. This excursion was a natural extension to our inquiry into systems.  We participated in 4 different workshops where we investigated different aspects of plant and animal life. Below is a picture journal of our day.



Activity One – Planting a seed: The students discovered the life-cycle of a seed, learnt about the parts of a plant, felt a variety of seeds, searched for mature seeds in the surrounding garden and planted a seed to take home.


Activity Two – Netting for waterbugs: a hands-on experience of netting and discovering the creatures living in our waterways. We tried to identify the aquatic organisms caught. We determined the health of the tested waterway based on what was found during the activity.





Activity Three – Where our food comes from: We visited the farm and fed the chickens. We explored different food products and learnt which animal they come from.


Activity Four-  the worm farm and mini beasts: We investigated the CERES worm farm, held a real worm and learnt about its role in the composting cycle. We also hunted for mini-beasts .






Over the next two weeks and into next term, we will continue to investigate plant systems and how they help us make sense of the world.