Prep Postal Service Book

In the year one neighbourhood, we have been participating in the Prep Postal Service! (read about it over at the Prep’s blog!) Every day students have been writing letters and excitedly putting them in the post box and waiting for the Prep postal workers to collect and deliver!

We have created a book that explains how we participate in the postal service.  We call this a language experience text. Language experience helps students to understand the connections between speaking and listening, writing and reading. It involves the students talking and writing about a shared experience which they later read about. The spoken text becomes a written text, demonstrating that what can be said can be written down. The written text is read, demonstrating that what is written can be read. Language experience draws on shared experiences to enrich language through the development of vocabulary, knowledge of the structures of English, using language for different purposes and the extension of the students’ world knowledge and understanding of concepts.

We encourage you to read and share the text with your children.  It is a wonderful way to prompt a discussion about the learning in the neighbourhood.

You can download a copy of the text by clicking this link –  Prep Postal Service Book