“Due to the Intensive Swimming program on Friday, BOOK WEEK DRESS UP AND PARADE HAS NOW CHANGED TO THURSDAY 25th AUGUST 
The BOOK WEEK PARADE is now on Thursday morning.
  • Harry Potter? 
  • Billie B. Brown?  
  • Tintin?
  • Pippi Longstocking? 
Whoever your favourite BOOK character is, you need to get busy. On Thursday, August 25th the JSC are having a WHOLE SCHOOL costume parade, as part of our Book Week celebrations.
There will be great prizes for best costume, most realistic costume and most creative costume.  So get crafting, sewing, op-shopping or buying to find your costume for Thursday, August 25th.
We want to see everyone in our school dressed in their favourite book character’s costume.
From the Green House Captains

Lola, Piripi, Mathew and Evie