Over the last two days, the grade one neighbourhood have been discussing how they, the students, play outside and how as a community, we can work together to make everyones day at PHPS successful.  We started Tuesdays workshop with the question ‘How do we think everyone should act in the playground’? Just like we have neighbourhood expectations, we should also have a set of guidelines for outside the neighbourhood.  The students thought hard and contributed these ideas (which we wrote down super quickly!) :


The main concept that seemed to arise from the students was the idea of ‘fairness’. As a group, we decided to explore that idea in further detail.  The students contributed various thoughts, including sharing, equality, taking turns and agreements. This lead to Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s provocation for the students ‘What does fairness look like’?  They were asked to create a poster to display in the neighbourhood to advertise ‘Fairness. We have made a great display that the students will be able to refer to before they head out for lunch and recess.


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