Week 9 Happenings!

Last week we had the amazing African Drumming performances! The whole school performed brilliantly and both performances were very energetic and powerful! Well done to all the students and staff for their commitment and hard work and a massive thank you to Kofi for his passionate approach to teaching us about his culture!


Last week in the inquiry our investigations into cause and effect using Rube Goldberg machines! The children have been developing their designs for the machines and are really enjoying being challenged problem solving through this process.


Last week in numeracy, we have continued looking at patterns. After adding found patterns to a collective large scale map of school, we are now investigating number patterns through an up-and-down staircase focus. The idea being that 1 block can make a 1 step staircase but it takes 4 blocks to make a 2 step staircase. The children are looking to identify a pattern in the number of blocks per number of steps! Challenging stuff!


This week in literacy, students explored cause and effect through the song “The lady who swallowed a fly” and wrote about cause and effect within the neighbourhood and playground. For reading this week we looked at readers theatre and responding to reading.