Wait a minute Mr Postman!

This week, the grade one neighbourhood has really started to deepen our understanding of communication systems – in particular written forms of communication. We decided to go old school, and write actual paper letters! The students read the classic book The Jolly Postman to get some inspiration.

The students then all got given a person in our neighbourhood to write to.  In small groups, they worked with a teacher, who assisted them in writing their letters.



The students then placed their letter in an envelope and posted it in the grade one neighbourhood post box.



At the end of the day, the ‘postie’ delivered the letters and all of the kids opened a letter from one of their classmates.  It was lovely!

Here is one of the letters, written by Harry


Next week, we are going to be writing another letter – this time to our parents! We will pop a stamp on the envelope and walk it to the local postbox.  We will then follow the letter through the postal system to see what happens.