Communication Museum



Our investigation into systems have now branched out towards looking at the ‘system of communication’.  How do we communicate and what do we use to communicate? We have been investigating the three main ways we communicate – verbal, non verbal and written.

We are going to be setting up our own ‘communication museum’ within the neighbourhood. We will be collecting artefacts that will provoke the students curiosity and allow them to investigate the many different ways we communicate.  This is where our wonderful parent community can help us! Do you have an old typewriter, computer, telephone, slate, quill, radio, walkie talkie, art work or some other fabulous artefact? Our museum curators will lovingly care for it and return it in pristine condition. If you could send it along to school with your name attached to it, we would really appreciate it.

Here are some photos of our initial investigation into communication.

Stay tuned for more ‘communication’ communication!